Hello everyone! By now, you have probably seen the craze of texture polishes cropping up everywhere. I myself really enjoy the texture polishes, however I found myself really let down by the OPI Liquid Sand polish that I tried. Thank goodness I decided to not let that keep me from trying another brand, because Zoya’s Pixie Dust shades are absolutely a winner! They have remarkable longevity with minimal tip wear, gorgeous sparkle, and will be releasing even more colors soon! I personally am -so- excited to get my hands on more. I picked up two shades in the last sale ( I -had- to get the free bottle of Sharon from Zoya and decided to go for it and pick up Pixie Dust polishes! The two shades I picked up were Godiva and London, and I love them both! Today, I obviously have London here to show you. You knew that already if you can read the title though, right? :D

I had people grabbing my hand and asking me what was on my nails, touching them, and almost marveling at my textured nails… kind of cool the first time, but the next few times I just had to remind myself that not everyone is as up to date on nail polish fads like me! A great exercise of patience!
I wore London with 2 coats, though my layers were thin and you absolutely must give plenty of time in between layers for them to dry properly. and waiting for the last layer to dry was absolutely brain numbing and a huge pain. But it takes a while for it to ‘develop’ it’s final texture and set into place. I messed my nails up big time thinking they were done setting and when I hitched up my saggy pants I destroyed each and every nails but having it wipe off. Yeaaaah. I was so ticked off about it that when my husband saw what happened he just backed away slowly to let me fume. Such a smart man, haha!

A little blurred, but this is how it looks in real life rather than a Macro shot ;)

The end result is worth all the trouble, however I just wish it wasn’t so slow in drying. I love the sparkle and the sugary feeling it gives. To me, London has the look of freshly poured cement and that is one of my favorite colors. I’m weird, I know. But grey polish is a weakness of mine. London is a must have!

You can pick up Zoya polishes at www.artofbeauty.com and I hear that Ulta will be carrying the Pixie Dust polishes very, very soon. I might go back and get another color because I like the end result so much. I am such a glutton for torturing myself. Bet seriously, If I were you I would at least give them a shot, you might be surprised to find you like them more than you think you would!

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo -Sharon

Item was purchased by me, all opinions are my own